Da Capo Ringtones 1.0


1:Future Dreams
2:Da Capo
3:Da Capo
6:Such as the cherry blossom-like future love dream
7:Like rain
10:Sakura's smile
11:Da Capo
12:Da Capo
15:Cherry blossom season
16:Cherry blossom season
17:To the melody of the future
18:To the melody of the future
19:Da Capo
20:Shirakawa birds

Da Capo is a musical term in Italian, meaning from the beginning (literally from the head). It is often abbreviated D.C. It is a composer or publisher's directive to repeat the previous part of music, often used to save space. In small pieces this might be the same thing as a repeat, but in larger works D.C. might occur after one or more repeats of small sections, indicating a return to the very beginning. The resulting structure of the piece is generally in ternary form. Sometimes the composer describes the part to be repeated, for example: Menuet da capo. In opera, where an aria of this structure is called a da capo aria, the repeated section is often adorned with grace notes.

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